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A Full Service San Fernando Bail Bonds company that prides itself in great customer service from our entire family. Our San Fernando Bail Agents are a part of our family and our goal is to help you.

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San Fernando CA 91340
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Tel. No. (818) 815-4024

All of our San Fernando bail agents are licensed by the California Department of Insurance. All of our agents have over 10 years of bail bonds experience with some of them having over 20 years of experience.

San Fernando Bail Bonds can be a difficult situation to understand. Our San Fernando Bail Bonds agents visit the San Fernando Jail multiple times a week.

Its important to find a good bail bonds company to work with and Bernie Heller San Fernando Bail Bonds is very reputable. We have an outstanding record with the Better Business Bureau. We are members of California Bail Agents Association, National Notary Association and of course all of our agents are licensed by the California Department of Insurance.

The San Fernando Jail area is located right next to the San Fernando Superior Court House. Normally the San Fernando Police Department will bring the arrestee in to the San Fernando Jail and start the booking process there. They'll set the San Fernando Bail Bonds price and place the arrestee in the system. The next step is to run them through the live scan  which is a fingerprinting system tied in with a national computer that is originally located on the east coast.

You can always call us to find an inmate so that we can move forward quickly with the bail bond process.

You can always feel safe and secure with Bernie Heller San Fernando Bail Bonds. We keep the entire bail bond process confidential.

Call now, our friendly local San Fernando Bail Bonds Agents are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.